Who We Are

We are a diverse group of professionals who partner with our clients to build business strategies and to bring solutions that solve environmental compliance challenges. 7G strives to earn the trust and respect of our clients and our team members by prioritizing purpose before profit and by valuing integrity over everything. Our purpose is to make a positive environmental impact today to help ensure a sustainable future for seven generations to come.

What We Do

7G provides innovative solutions to simplify the complex environmental regulations that often burden the facilities that utilize regulated petroleum storage systems. We utilize both human and software resources to ensure compliance throughout the asset management life cycle to simplify the management of properties burdened with environmental regulations.

  • Assessment

    To best decide which assets to obtain we help define the environmental risks and the regulatory requirements. We provide valuable insight as to the big picture of environmental compliance and the impact it will have on profitability of the asset.

  • Acquisition

    In the acquisition phase, we help place an accurate value on the asset by justifying reduction of the current asking price through offsets of the expected costs necessary to bring the asset into compliance.

  • Operation & Maintenance

    We design and implement consistent and scalable compliance management processes. Our goal is to ensure that these processes provide a straightforward and timely detection and resolution of critical issues. This will minimize violations and costs and allow for more streamlined and predictable outcomes.

  • Divestment

    Our process implementation throughout the operation and maintenance phase of the asset management cycle produces a measurable and reportable outcome. Our proactive maintenance and quick response to deficiencies extends the lifespan of asset equipment and minimizes offsets of the selling price. This enables divestors to generate superior returns for their shareholders.

How We Work

We start with a conversation. Identify your challenges. Design a compliance solution to fit your business practices and budget. Pilot the solution. Then, we partner together to ensure compliance. Simple.


We want to know what struggles you have with compliance, what you have tried, what has worked for you and what hasn’t, and what you want to achieve.

Plan of Action

With the insight we gain from the conversation, we will tailor a compliance solution to match your business’ exact needs, risk tolerances, and budget. Your business is unique, and we pride ourselves in customizing our services to your needs.

Pilot Project

While we work hard to tailor the perfect solution based on the conversation, experience tells us that the best way to ensure success is to interpret and enhance the solution through a pilot project with regular feedback sessions with you along the way.


Now that we have worked with you to understand your challenges and goals, have outlined the specifications of the solution, made adjustments in a pilot project, we will be confident in partnering together to implement the solution into you business.

Compliance. Simplified.

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